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Funny Fruit Bird Feeder

Part of the pleasure of feeding wild birds is the added esthetic it brings to your environment. Simply put, folks like to look at artistic, fun, fancy and whimsical things. Bird feeders are no exception, with every make and model imaginable!

This fruit bird feeder is really a hoot, the Angel Cat he’s called. But more than fun, he’s a totally functional feeder for year round use. Maybe your resident birds don’t eat fruit in winter, but sure as day…they’ll eat suet when temperatures are freezing. And that’s the beauty of this fruit bird feeder-it can be used for suet balls in winter time. Change up fruit offerings and see who comes around. Orioles are a sure bet for orange halves, while apples and melon may attract woodpeckers.

With a total of six perches, (3 in front-3 in back) there’s plenty of room for birds to stop and feed. And with the large rustic, movable wings and tail, birds may perch here as well, to rest a bit or wait their turn for some chow.

Hand crafted of fast growth, renewable wood, the Angel Cat makes a great gift for any birding enthusiast, cat person, or nature lover on your gift list!

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