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    Sculptural Hopper Bird Feeders

    Hand crafted Wave Hopper feederA Very Hip Hopper Bird Feeder!

    Hand crafted in cedar and stainless steel, and definitely built for the birds, these hopper bird feeders are unique in design and quality. It’s just one of a series of the “Wave Feeders”. The free-form, sculptural design adds elegance and makes for a great conversation too.

    Functional art for the garden like this enhances the environment, while helping feathered friends thrive and flourish. The handcrafted quality is unsurpassed, with polycarbonate windows that will not yellow over time. They’re virtually indestructible, ensuring many seasons of use and enjoyment. Holding three pounds of black oil, or any seed mix, hopper bird feeders like these make awesome, and long lasting gifts that will really be used and admired…by the recipient and their feathered friends alike!

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    A New Generation of wild bird feeders

    Hand crafted Stoneware and Bamboo Suet FeederLet’s face it…aesthetics is truly a matter of taste, and sure does vary with each individual.¬† “One man’s trash…”

    Bird Feeders are no exception to this rule. A new generation of wild bird feeders range from fun and funky, to antiqued and retro, even the simplistic style of Feng Shui. Most are hand crafted, bringing individual style and uniqueness to each piece. Materials that have been around forever are being used to transform the mundane into terrific art for the garden. Art to be admired, enjoyed, and to feed the birds!

    Wild bird feeders for suet, seed, fruit, or just about anything you’d like to offer feathered friends, are crafted by those who have a passion for birds. The quality will surpass any wild bird feeder found in a “big-box store”.

    The suet feeder shown here is anything but your traditional wire cage. Sustainable bamboo, glass and stoneware are used to create this beautiful, yet functional wild bird feeder. Weather-proof stoneware is also used in creating the oh-so-fun Hot Lips Hilda. She’s a seed feeder who’s guaranteed to entice many a wild bird.fun and funky wild bird feeders

    Whether¬† you’re considering a new feeder for the winter season, or maybe in search of a great gift, consider uniqueness, quality and just plain fun as factors. Wild bird feeders help feathered friends to thrive and flourish all year long.

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    the wavy tube bird feeder

    cool ceramic tube bird feederSo folks are doing the wave?

    It seems the contagious wave has also found its way to bird feeders! These very cool ceramic bird feeders are hand crafted in the most vibrant of colors. Ceramic means they’ll never fade and are virtually chew-proof to squirrels too.

    This tube bird feeder is a work of art with its natural form and earth tone tube. The design just lends itself well to nature and is guaranteed to compliment any landscape or garden. The overhang roof helps to protect seed from weather, and the perches are constructed of durable acrylic. Birds love them!

    Also available in a gourd shape, you could say it’s a variation on the tube bird feeder. These unique bird feeders are totally fun and functional, and meant for feathered friends. They make great, long lasting gifts for any occasion, and gifts that will actually be used and enjoyed by the recipient. You can never go wrong with gifts approved by Mother Nature!ceramic gourd variation of the tube feeder