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    looks just like a copper bird feeder

    Durable vinyl/PVC, these look just like copper bird feedersTwo things a good feeder should do: feed the birds and last! Of course if it’s pretty and adds curb appeal, well… that’s a bonus!

    An elegant and more economical option for a copper bird feeder would be a galvanized metal, or aluminum surface. With custom finishes that look like patina or bright copper, it’s hard to tell the difference. Aluminum won’t rust – think about an airplane? In the same durable vinyl/PVC, as our copper roof bird feeders, these gazebo styles will grace the landscape with simple elegance. Clean, architectural designs are pleasing to the eye and offer great functionality for feathered friends. Handcrafted in the USA, they’re built to last!

    And speaking of economical, sometimes the cheapest seed is not always best! Stuffed with fillers like milo and millet, much of it is likely to end up on the ground as birds forage for the “good stuff”. Better off buying the good stuff in bulk quantity as it costs less per pound. Using a no-waste mix, or sunflower hearts will also eliminate ground mess below the feeder. Another benefit: premium seed reduces the risk of unwanted visitors! The best deal on this type of birdseed can be found at most feed & seed stores.

    With all the rain we’ve had in the southeast, it’s common for birdseed that sits too long in feeders to become moldy… another waste of money. If birds aren’t consuming it quick enough – only fill the tube halfway. Better to make an extra trip to the feeder than to the trash! If it’s moldy, they won’t eat it, or if they happen to, birds will become sick with respiratory disease that spreads easily to the rest of the population around the yard. Often times, these diseases are fatal.

    Your birds are waiting! So take 10 minutes to clean your feeder and fill with fresh seed 🙂

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    dovecote birdhouse for major curb appeal

    Add big time curb appeal with a dovecote birdhouseA repeat customer phoned the other day asking about some more birdhouses for his beach residence. Frank had ordered four of these stunning birdhouses and feeders in the past, and was so pleased with the quality he wanted to replace some wooden houses that had seen better days and deteriorated over the years. Thing is… Frank doesn’t really like birds!

    Learning this the first go-round, the standing joke became “have you filled those feeders yet?” Frank even asked how to keep the birds OUT of the dovecote birdhouse. After my initial disbelief had settled, I soon realized that not everyone’s into birds – folks were ordering these houses and feeders simply for the curb appeal factor. And that’s okay because it’s a product made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee.

    These houses look new years after installation, in fact, the textured PVC looks so much like wood, we’ve had customers phone to say they’d received a wooden house – instead of the vinyl one they ordered! A testament to the beauty and quality of these architectural structures.

    So, to each his own, if you like a dovecote birdhouse enough to keep as a lawn ornament, then why not? It’s guaranteed to grace the landscape with elegance for many years to come… birds or not!


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    cool spirals on these big thistle feeders

    Sans perches and cool spiral make these thistle feeders dreamy for finches!It’s a busy time for American Goldfinches as they have one of the latest breeding/nesting cycles of most backyard birds. They’re also one of very few breeds who actually molt twice a year and grow new feathers. Their electric yellow plumage is hard to miss, and most thistle feeders are seeing a good bit of traffic right now (provided the seed hasn’t gone moldy from all the rain). If yours is sitting with no takers – best to dump old seed, clean the feeder and replace with fresh thistle seed.

    Innovative by design with quality construction (no cheezy plastic parts here) these 36-inch tall, large capacity thistle feeders have a cool spiral instead of perches. Featuring more feeder ports, birds really do “run the spiral” hopping from one one port to the next. This opens up space for more birds to join the party, no more waiting around for an open perch to catch some chow!

    Goldfinches feed babies thistle (or nyjer) exclusively. Gross as it sounds, parents chew and prepare the tiny black seed, regurgitating it into babies’ mouths. It’s not until juveniles are out in the world that they may start to discover and eat insects.  There’s a kind and quiet demeanor about this favored songbird, you’ll rarely catch them squabble at feeders. Rather than fight for a spot, most will give up and maybe try again later. Hanging a few economical thistle socks helps to alleviate this problem during peak season.

    In fall when they molt again, their vibrant yellow plumage will give way to new olive drab feathers for fall and winter. It may seem like your Goldfinches have gone on their way and migrated south, but they’re still around! Keep thistle feeders out year-round to accommodate these resident birds, (and fresh water in a bath) and next summer that lemon yellow color will once again grace your yard. So popular these birds are, there’s even a birdhouse modeled after one… although typically they do nest in hedges or trees.this amercan goldfinch never requires a nyjer feeder