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wonderfully vibrant finch feeders

Maybe finch feeders aren't so vibrant-but these indigo buntings sure are!Spring migrations can bring the coolest birds around. Not that we don’t enjoy our resident bluebirds, cardinals, chickadees and other usual suspects, but there’s something really exciting when one of these migratory visitors graces your yard. When one thinks “finch” it’s commonly the house, gold, or purple finch (who’s more red than purple) that come to mind.

These blue birds happen to be finches too. Indigo buntings’ vibrant plumage is just as electrifying as goldfinches’ lemony hue is during peak summer season. You’ll find buntings at finch feeders, and honestly it’s hard to miss that color. They go for tiny seeds found in finch mixes, as well as nyjer (or thistle) seed.

Indigo and painted buntings will visit finch feeders during their migrationTheir visits are always brief with us, moving further north for suitable breeding grounds. Painted buntings may also be seen at finch feeders, but we’ve spotted them only one time. So maybe it’s not the feeders themselves that are so colorful, but the spring migratory birds who frequent them… be on the look-out!

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