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Vinyl Immitates wood birdhouses

Durable Vinyl that likes like a wood birdhouseDurable vinyl, like the kind used in housing construction, is know to last a lifetime. It doesn’t weather, fade, warp or crack. Newer vinyl birdhouses are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, so much so that a customer from Cape May, NJ had called to tell me he’d received a wooden birdhouse instead! I was taken aback for a moment, thinking “these birdhouses only come in vinyl”. After assuring him these were not wood birdhouses, I asked him to knock on it and listen carefully. Finally he was convinced it was vinyl.

Another customer in Fayetteville, AR, told me her horror story of two large wood birdhouses she’d ordered, costing $300 each – which had not even survived the first year! She could not recall where she’d ordered them and did not know the manufacturer. Personally…I’d be fuming! Whole-heartedly and with confidence, I assured her these birdhouses would last a lifetime. She took a chance and ordered two of the vinyl birdhouses. She was truly thrilled with her purchase and thanked me profusely! Two weeks later she bought another one of these vinyl beauties… they really do look like wood birdhouses, are worth every penny, and certainly made to last a lifetime!another vinyl beauty resembling a wooden birdhouse

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