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Use a Window Bird Feeder for Non-Yards

window bird feederTiny yard, or no yard at all?

Going from a house with a nice yard to an apartment can be tough, you start missing the “green” and nature that’s always been taken for granted. But you can still enjoy feeding and watching feathered friends with a window bird feeder.

Using any seed mix, or even nectar to attract hummingbirds, close up viewing of wild birds is still possible with no backyard. The platform window feeder shown here is great for offering a variety of treats along with birdseed. Feed fruit, suet, peanuts or meal worms to attract even more species of birds. Hummingbird window feeders are available in basin and tube styles, while standard suet cages are also now available in window mount models. Keep suction cups and window clean for best feeder adhesion, and remember to keep a handy bird guide close by to identify new visitors.

Just because you don’t have the yard…you can still have your birds with a window bird feeder!

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