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Universal Seed Trays

If you adore feathered friends and wild bird feeding but hate the ground mess, seed trays are definitely the answer. Many tube feeders come with attached trays, which also serve as perches for birds to eat. Some tube feeders are available with optional seed trays for a few dollars more, it’s a great investment!

The problem is that some feeders offer none. Hopper style feeders can still make a pretty good ground mess with which to contend. What to do? The SeedHoop! These have gotten wonderful reviews by the many folks who use them. Sturdy, universal seed trays that give you total flexibility on where and how they’re used. In 16 and 30-inch sizes, Seed Hoops are versatile enough for hopper feeders and the larger size can even be pole mounted. The large platform area of these seed trays acts as an additional feeder for birds who may not use the feeder itself. You can expect to see some new visitors when adding these innovative and high quality seed trays.

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