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    Seed Catchers promote healthier birds

    Promote healthier bird populations in your yard with seed catchersWhen spilled birdseed sits on the ground for a few days, it gets nasty. Combine that with some rain and warmer temperatures, (like we’ve been having in the south) and you get insta-mold. That’s my word for quickly-molding, bacteria producing, old seed. Ground feeding birds like some sparrows, juncos and even cardinals will forage through this nasty stuff looking for a decent bite to eat. Thus, bacteria and germs are spread amongst your backyard birds. The result is usually a respiratory infection and many time turns into conjunctivitis. In birds, this disease is usually fatal.

    Aside from keeping feeders themselves clean, it’s important to be aware of the entire feeding area, including the ground below your bird feeders. Seed Catchers greatly reduce spilled seed, while keeping the appearance of your yard nicer. Eliminating the ground mess below feeders really does promote healthier birds.

    The large seed catcher shown here features an adjustable and innovative design. Known as the Seed Hoop, it works virtually with any bird feeder, whether hanging or pole-mounted. Available in a 16-inch diameter, it accommodates most tube-style feeders, even those hung on a shepherd’s hook. The larger 30-inch diameter may actually be pole-mounted below the feeder by cutting a slit in the center of the seed tray. If this is the desired use, it’s best to place some duct tape around the slit, and here’s why: We’ve had the 30-inch seed catcher installed on the pole itself with a finch feeder above. Over several months, this center hole has gotten larger from removing and replacing the tray for cleaning. Besides… duct tape fixes everything, right?

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    Multi-Purpose Seed Catchers

    large seed catcher is 18.5 inchesA wild bird accessory that does more than one job?

    One of the great thing about seed catchers is that they serve more than one purpose. First and foremost, they prevent ground waste, which in turn prevents weeds from popping up in the garden or lawn. This also creates a healthier habitat for backyard birds. Larger seed catchers also serve as platforms for other birds to feed on the fallen seed. Those who may not perch at the feeder itself, are apt to dine on the large, flat area. So you may end up attracting some new bird species.

    This large 18.5-inch seed catcher is made for a any standard one-inch diameter pole. Because of the innovative design, it also acts as a squirrel baffle, and a good one at that! When squirrels shimmy up the pole, they can not get past the down-turned rim on the seed catcher. Like all Droll Yankees’ quality birding products, this seed catcher ensures many seasons of use and enjoyment. Bye Bye squirrels!

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    Universal Seed Trays

    If you adore feathered friends and wild bird feeding but hate the ground mess, seed trays are definitely the answer. Many tube feeders come with attached trays, which also serve as perches for birds to eat. Some tube feeders are available with optional seed trays for a few dollars more, it’s a great investment!

    The problem is that some feeders offer none. Hopper style feeders can still make a pretty good ground mess with which to contend. What to do? The SeedHoop! These have gotten wonderful reviews by the many folks who use them. Sturdy, universal seed trays that give you total flexibility on where and how they’re used. In 16 and 30-inch sizes, Seed Hoops are versatile enough for hopper feeders and the larger size can even be pole mounted. The large platform area of these seed trays acts as an additional feeder for birds who may not use the feeder itself. You can expect to see some new visitors when adding these innovative and high quality seed trays.