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The Upside Down Finch Bird Feeder

thumbnail6The upside down flip rubble bubble cake? Not at all…the upside down finch bird feeder!

Of all the finch species, Goldfinches are the only ones who can comfortably perch and eat seed after seed in this fashion. The upside down feeder was developed to accommodate American Goldfinches only, and lessen the competition around the finch bird feeder by House and Purple Finches.

Many finches would rather give up and fly away than compete around a busy thistle feeder. There’s an economical way you can accommodate lots of finches with the use of thistle sacks, or nyjer stockings. Made of durable nylon mesh, with some type of draw cord or string closure, the whole surface of the sack serves as feeding or perching space. For just a few dollars per sack, you can hang multiple thistle feeders around the yard and eliminate the competition around your thistle feeders.

finch bird feeder

Shelter, in the form  of mature trees, brush, and thickets will add to birds’ preferred habitat, while water in the form of a bird bath, stream or pond will complete it. Attract and keep more birds around your yard with food, water and shelter!

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