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peanut bird feeders do more than nuts!

Peanut Feeders are shown with nesting material, suet and fruit.Many peanut feeders also accommodate fruit and nesting material







If versatility is the name of the game, and multi-use is an appealing idea, then you can’t beat peanut bird feeders to fit the bill. Regardless of style, their coils, screens or grids offer spacious openings for whole or shelled nuts… and more!

High in protein and fat, peanutsĀ  provide birds the extra calories needed in cooler weather and throughout migration periods. An energy-packed treat, they’re actually helpful to birds year-round. Right now you’ll find chickadees, titmice, woodpeckers and others caching these gems in tree cavities and other hiding places for later use. Sneaky nuthatches are often seen raiding the caches instead of eating at the feeders!

Seasonally, you can use these same feeders to entice feathered friends with nesting materials, fruit and even suet. Although suet can be messy, most peanut bird feeders are dishwasher safe. This architectural copper style accommodates whole or shelled peanuts, along with the above mentioned treats.Innovative and decorative styles prove peanut bird feeders anything but boring. Birds are able to enter like a fly-thru feeder or cling to the screen for a tasty treat.

Forget the boring tubes, peanut feeders come in all shapes and sizes to complement all spaces, and we’re pretty sure birds would approve of any of them!

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