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So You Got a Finch Feeder for Christmas?

finch feederHere’s what to do next: Go out and buy some thistle seed, also called nyjer seed, and fill that finch feeder immediately! The best way to attract the American Goldfinch is to feed thistle year-round. Although the birds wear a rather drab color plumage during winter months, their vibrant, lemon yellow color is a site to behold during warmer months.

They’ve earned the nickname “wild canary” but as their nesting season winds down and fall colors appear, they will molt. This process replaces worn, tattered feathers with a set of new, fresh feathers.

Goldfinches are admired for their gentle disposition, and sweet song. Thistle seed, which is high in fat and protein is also enjoyed by House and Purple Finches, Towhees, Pine Siskins, Juncos, and Buntings. So if your desire is vibrant summer color…keep your new finch feeder filled year-round!

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