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Heated Bird Baths for Year-Round Use

Heated Bird Baths

Some bird baths are rendered useless during frigid winter months as they are not equipped with heaters, or are constructed of materials that will not accommodate a heater.  This is when birds need fresh water desperately as their natural water sources are scarce.  Ponds and even lakes tend to freeze over, and some folks just turn bird baths upside down for winter months.  Think about how silly this is…wild birds are dependent on fresh water sources, so why take away their usual water source (your birdbath) just because it’s cold?

Heated bird baths are the best choice if you experience severe winter weather.  They give you the option of year-round use, by simply unplugging the electrical source in warmer months.  Heated bird baths are available in pedestal, deck-mount, or even ground models as pictured above.  This heated bird bath also comes with a dripper attachment to create moving water and attract even more wild birds.

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