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A Heated Bird Bath in Summer?

Heated Bird Bath

Although this idea sounds totally ridiculous while enduring sweltering heat in summer months, it actually makes perfect sense!  So why use a heated bird bath in summer?  Because you can always unplug, or deactivate the heater during warmer months.  This gives the bath total functionality year round.

I never quite understand when I see a bird bath in someone’s yard that has been turned upside down for winter.  Do those folks not think birds need fresh water when it’s cold?  Absurd!  They need it even more, as ponds and other water sources tend to freeze up and disappear.  So, if you’re thinking of a new birdbath for your yard, an investment in a heated bird bath is a most practical choice in the long run.  Your feathered friends will thank you each and every freezing day!

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