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    Happy New Year… Deep Freeze Calls for Heated Bird Bath

    Happy New Year and a heated bird bath

    Resolve to help birds thrive in freezing weather…

    When temperatures are soaring in the midst of summer, it’s pretty obvious to remember water for feathered friends and wildlife. We’re outdoors more often, gardening and relaxing- so filling the birdbath becomes intuitive. But throughout winter months, and especially in freezing weather we tend to prefer the cozy warmth of staying inside. But birds require fresh water regardless of the time of year or temperatures.

    Heated Bird Baths provide a critical water source year-round Some of the more hard core bird lovers will make the daily trudge through snow and ice to clear, clean and fill feeders (that’s us!). Several heated bird baths around our place remain ice-free (and worry-free) as resident birds are seen daily drinking from them. Although bathing is not as popular in freezing weather… water is critical for drinking!

    A popular birding magazine with an expert article mentioned that birds can fend for themselves when it comes to water in winter. Melting ice and snow for example will provide water. BUT during a week-long deep freeze in Atlanta recently, there was zero precipitation (luckily) – which means there was no melting ice and no snow. So… that theory’s not really valid.

    Stand alone bird bath heaters create a winter oasis for wild birdsFresh water is so important yet so easy with a heated bird bath or a simple heater added to your existing bath. It’s an oasis for year-round use (just tuck the cord) and they come in several styles like deck-mounted, tall pedestal or heated ground baths. In many cases, a heater will keep your ceramic or cement birdbath from freezing and cracking as well.

    Nab a heated bird bath for this winter season. It’s a one-time investment that offers an ongoing, essential element to help wild birds thrive in cold winter months.


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    Turn any Bath into a Heated Bird Bath

    heated bird bath

    This funny looking little gadget can have a huge impact for wild birds’ survival during frigid winter months. When most bird baths are rendered useless by freezing temperatures, so are shallow ponds and most small water sources.  Water is critical for birds’ survival throughout winter months.

    With the Heated Rock Birdbath Deicer, you can turn any bath into a heated birdbath. Provide an oasis for wild birds in tough winter months by fulfilling this critical need for a fresh water source.  You’ll be helping to create wildlife friendly habitat for your feathered friends.

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    A Heated Bird Bath in Summer?

    Heated Bird Bath

    Although this idea sounds totally ridiculous while enduring sweltering heat in summer months, it actually makes perfect sense!  So why use a heated bird bath in summer?  Because you can always unplug, or deactivate the heater during warmer months.  This gives the bath total functionality year round.

    I never quite understand when I see a bird bath in someone’s yard that has been turned upside down for winter.  Do those folks not think birds need fresh water when it’s cold?  Absurd!  They need it even more, as ponds and other water sources tend to freeze up and disappear.  So, if you’re thinking of a new birdbath for your yard, an investment in a heated bird bath is a most practical choice in the long run.  Your feathered friends will thank you each and every freezing day!