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Give Peanut Butter with Squirrels Feeders – Gift Idea #3

day-3For the next 9 days or so, we’re suggesting some swell gift ideas for nature lovers on your list! Each icon representative of the Twelve Days of Christmas – at the end of the post, see the true meaning of the words to the carol. Since the festive tune features 6 days of birds… we deemed it most appropriate for the season!

Since the dawn of feeding wild birds, squirrels have been a big part of the picture! Love or hate them, there’s actually an easy solutions to both sides of the coin. Although a nightmare for some, many folks adore the critters and their antics and actually feed them, squirrels even have their own dedicated national holiday!bungee-cord-squirrel-feeder

Squirrel feeders provide hours of entertainment for hosts and users, and they help deter said users from raiding bird feeders. For a really special treat, you can smear some peanut butter on the corn. The extra fat and protein keeps critters warm overnight.

To stump someone and keep them guessing… buy a small jar of peanut butter and place it in their stocking. When they find it, you can bet their thoughts will be something along the lines of “what the heck?” 🙂

Several fun squirrel feeders are in stock for immediate shipping; ones that spin, the classic table & chair, the popular bungee cord, and this groovy combo feeder for corn cobs and peanuts. The latter being for gourmets only! It’s a fun & functional gift that gives back, it Combo Corn Cob and Peanut Squirrel Feedergets used everyday and provides some real entertainment.

Three down… with 9 more fab gift ideas coming!

Okay, the 3 French Hens: symbolize faith, hope and love.

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