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Enticing More Birds with Hopper Bird Feeders

How do you improve on a hopper bird feeder?

Add a tray of course, as this has numerous benefits. Then construct it from poly-lumber. Recycled plastics that last a lifetime and come guaranteed to never crack, split or fade. Now you’re talking!

Hopper bird feeders are known for attracting many species, and for they’re large capacity reservoirs. But some birds simply will not perch at a feeder. By adding the tray, there’s ample room for multiple species to feed at once. You’ve got a better chance at seeing more kinds of birds. The tray also serves as a built-in seed catcher, eliminating the wasted mess on the ground. This provides a healthier environment for all birds in your yard. This hopper is available in durable cedar or recycled plastics, both are guaranteed to attract more feathered friends. Add some nesting materials and a fresh water source to entice even more birds to stick around your yard.

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