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Crowded Thistle Bird Feeder?

thistle bird feederIf finches are flocking to your thistle bird feeder in droves, it may be time to add more feeders!  Not the same tube type feeders, but inexpensive thistle socks, made of mesh with a simple drawstring closure.  They are highly effective at giving finches their “needed” space to feed.

Since the socks, or sack is mesh, the whole surface offers feeding space. They do not have to be cleaned, and are meant to be disposable after they become worn and tattered.  You can get hundreds of feeders from just one thistle sock.

Goldfinches, unlike other birds, are non-aggressive around feeders. Instaed of fighting for food, they are apt to just give up.  So by adding another thistle bird feeder or two, you can accommodate more Goldfinches inexpensively, and effectively!thistle bird feeder

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