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See More Species with a Finch Bird Feeder

finch bird feeder

Feeding thistle or nyjer seed will attract more than Goldfinches!

The high fat and protein content found in thistle makes it wildly popular among both House and Purple Finches, Towhees, Pine Siskins, Juncos, and Indigo Buntings (shown above).  This makes the Finch Bird Feeder highly versatile and a pleasure to watch.  Another great benefit of this feeder is that seed won’t germinate, so there’s no worries of unsightly weeds below your feeder.

Mixing thistle seed with finely chopped sunflower kernels also helps reduce the mess below feeders.  Pine Siskins and other prefer the mix as well.  Finch feeders have special ports for thistle, they are generally much smaller than those of other wild bird feeders.  There are tons of finch bird feeders on the market, one to suit your tastes and environment shouldn’t be too hard to find!

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