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Add Nesting Material Near Thistle Bird Feeders

thistle bird feedersIf you enjoy goldfinches and happen to feed thistle or nyjer seed to attract them, there’s more you can do to accommodate these little songbirds.  Adding nesting material near your thistle bird feeders will entice them to nest nearby.  This means a good chnace of seeing more finches and especially fledglings.  Although Goldfinches don’t use birdhouses, they will nest in hedges or trees.  They are the latest songbird to nest and breed with their season running from June to September. (So there’s still time).

The House Finch, who also feasts at thistle feeders, has 1 to 3 broods per year, so they stay pretty busy building their nests – which can be found just about anywhere.  Check the Boston Ferns on your front porch before drenching them with water!

Commercial nesting materials are available, but you can make your own fairly easily.  Using a mesh bag (from the produce section of the grocery store) start collecting dryer lint, yarn strings, pet hair, moss, and small twigs.  Gather materials and tie off bag to hang from a tree branch.  Your birds will be grateful for the easy pickings!nest material for thistle bird feeders

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