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Add an Inexpensive Thistle Feeder for Crowds

Thistle FeederThe American Goldfinch is adored by many backyard birders, mostly for their vibrant yellow plumage and sweet song.  With a gentle disposition, they tend to shy away from a crowded thistle feeder, whereas most birds become aggressive and fight for food.

You can alleviate this problem by adding extra feeders.  With the use of thistle, or nyjer socks, it is very inexpensive and effective to accommodate more finches.  The thistle socks are available in different sizes, and best of all, cost only a few dollars (usually under $5.00).  No cleaning required, basically they are meant to be disposable after becoming worn or tattered.Thistle Feeder

They allow for cling-type, all over feeding as opposed to perches, so the whole feeder is actual feeding space.  Thistle socks are available in white mesh, black, even festive holiday colors!  Eliminate the competition for food and attract more Goldfinches with the use of this innovative thistle feeder.

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