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Butterfly Feeders & Other Enticements

Entice butterflies to your yard with butterfly feeders and these simple tricks:

Butterfly feeders, either nectar or fruit can crafted pretty simply with household items. Over-ripe fruit (like bananas, melons or oranges) may be placed on a saucer and set on a tree trunk or stake. They’ll attract fruit flies, which butterflies consume for protein too. To hang butterfly feeders,  use sisal rope or twine with a grapevine wreath for the base. The secret is sunny locations as butterflies love warm sun. If using nectar in a shallow bowl, add a sponge (a new one) to absorb the liquid as butterflies will consume the nectar in this fashion. Also, no need to purchase nectar, it’s the same solution used for hummingbirds. 1 Part sugar to 4 parts water. Never use anything but plain table sugar. Boiling is not necessary, but helps to dissolve the sugar more efficiently.

Water is another attractant, but butterflies won’t drink from an open source. Leaf misters are great, as they leave tiny puddles around where the mist falls. Butterflies will flit in and out of the gentle spray.

Using a waterless pond will attract the flying flowers too. Simply gather heat-absorbing rocks and place them on their side in a sunny location. Design a small circle, square, or free-form with rocks close together, an inch or two deep. Add sand and salts and keep moist to further attract butterflies. Line the area with plastic to keep the salts from seeping into your soil.

When placing feeders, misters, or rock baths, it’s best to have them in, or in close proximity to your butterfly garden. Use host plants and nectar plants for best results.

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