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A New Generation of Birdhouse Kits

Branches Design Innovative Birdhouse KitsInnovative designs seem to bring about a new twist on old things. Totally fun and functional, these birdhouse kits are fun for children and adults to assemble. No tools required either! They’re made from recycled plastics, and come in some vibrant colors and designs.

They’re meant for feathered friends, to provide real nesting sites in spring. Bird will also use these fun birdhouses to roost on cold winter nights, for protection from predators, and the elements as well. By adding some dried grasses or clean straw, you’ll provide some extra insulation from the cold.

Birdhouse kits make wonderful projects for school or church groups, Brownies, Boy Scouts or any activities group. They’ll help teach a valuable lesson on stewardship for the environment and creating a wildlife friendly habitat with three main elements. Food, Water and Shelter. Help kids learn about native plantings that will provide food and shelter for birds. Water can be as simple as a plant saucer on the ground filled with fresh water.

You can help local bird populations thrive and flourish by teaching the next generation about wildlife friendly habitat.Innovative and fun birdhouse kits These birdhouse kits just may grab their attention and make the project fun!

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