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    Try a Mealworm Feeder for Bluebirds

    Juvenile Eastern Bluebird at Mealworm FeederIn order to entice bluebirds, sometimes their very favorite food must be offered. And meal worms happen to be what’s on the menu over here. Live mealworms are best, but dried or roasted ones will also work. One of the problems is that many species really enjoy mealworms, and you can find your supply dwindling quickly if fed in an open tray-type or dish feeder. Live mealworms are available in bulk quantities should this become habit forming too. They’re simple to store…just place in in a container in your fridge. Air holes are needed, but the worms stay in a dormant state until warmed up by the sun or room temperatures.

    A mealworm feeder that’s made especially for bluebirds is one that is enclosed, in fact they’re called Bluebird Feeders. Consisting of two, four, or sometimes six entrances, they have clear acrylic panels for closures, and they’re meant for bluebirds only. Some feeders have a dish in the center for the worms, while others have a recessed circle for them. The birds must fly into the feeder to retrieve the worms, and very few species will try this. But somehow, the natural instinct of bluebirds tells them to do so.small wooden mealworm feeder It’s amazing to watch, especially when parent bring babies over at feeding time. At first the chicks don’t understand how to get inside, but they learn quickly. And once they learn how to get the food, they frequent the feeder often. This has got to be one of the best scenes of backyard birding!

    Available in standard wooden models, mealworm feeders also come in recycled plastic versions. The advantage with recycled plastic mealworm feederrecycled plastic is that the feeder will never crack, split, or rot like wood tends to do over the years. Also keeping plastics out of landfills is huge plus to the environment.

    Now I wish the nasty starling who tried to shove himself through one of the entrances would’ve gotten stuck there!

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    Even Window Bird Feeders Can Be Versatile

    verstile platform window bird feedersFor every type of backyard, and for many particular species there are bird feeders to do the job. Obviously, large capacity feeders are better suited to larger yards with lots of space. But if you have a small yard, or even no yard at all…you can still entice and attract many species of wild birds.

    Platforms or tray type feeders are extremely versatile as far as offering various foods. They’ll accommodate any birdseed mixes, suet, fruit, peanuts, or even mealworms. This means you can attrPanoramic In House Winow Bird Feederact different species according to seasons. Window bird feeders are available in this tray style too, plus they allow for great close up views of your visitors. Hummingbirds for example, will also visit window bird feeders that are meant to hold nectar. In-Window bird feeders are also a great way to go if space is limited. These fit conveniently in most standard size windows, with the general feeding area right inside your room…talk about close up views!

    So even if you’re in an apartment with the smallest deck, there are bird accessories to invite feathered friends to your place. A small birdbath will also do wonders for attracting many species, in fact, it’s the best single way to bring birds home!

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    A Squirrel Baffle Will Win the War Against Squirrels

    squirrel foiled by squirrel bffleTired of squirrels raiding your bird feeders?

    It’s an age-old problem that’s been around since folks started feeding birds. At first it may be cute, but then you start to realize how much they can eat! Pesky squirrels can consume their weight in birdseed in just one week, times a few squirrels, and that’s a lot of seed. The cost starts to add up. Then besides that aspect, maaaan, they can be destructive! The little critters can gnaw down wooden bird feeders and render them useless. They’ll even chew and enlarge birdhouse entries to accommodate themselves. The whole scenario starts to become absolutely infuriating! And your peaceful, enjoyable bird feeding efforts have turned into a war with squirrels.

    A properly placed squirrel baffle is a most effective way to foil squirrels. Especially if you already have a favorite feeder, the one-time cost of this accessory will solve a big problem…for a long time. Hapole-mount squirrel bafflenging, post-mount, and even pole mount baffles are available to suit any need. In acrylic, metal and copper, you’ll find that some models are even quite decorative. The most important thing to remember is placement, as squirrels’ acrobatic agility is uncanny. The horizontal launch point – is any object they can jump horizontally from to access the feeder. Make sure the feeder is at least 8-10 feet from any such spot. For a pole or post mounted squirrel baffle, be sure the bottom of the baffle is at least 4-5 feet from the ground.

    Don’t give up bird feeding because of these pesky critters. Squirrel baffles are fairly inexpensive, and a very effective solution to this aggravating problem.