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    Attract More Birds with Bird Baths

    tBird Baths

    With the rising costs of bird seed these days, it’s getting more difficult to keep those feeders filled.  Water is an excellent wild bird magnet! You can attract even a greater variety of wild birds with bird baths, even some that do not frequent bird feeders.

    Adding an element of beauty to any landscape, bird baths are available in many styles and colors.  Pedestal bird baths come in copper, concrete, and resin to look like stone without the weight.  Beautiful ceramic and glass birdbaths come in hanging or staked designs too.  If you’d like a more close up viewing experience, deck mount bird baths are a great choice.  Water is very inexpensive, and will allow you to still attract and view many feathered friends!

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    A Glass Bird Feeder…A work of Art

    Copper and Stained Glass Bird Feeder
    Copper and Stained Glass Bird Feeder

    Wild bird feeders are available in a myriad of styles, colors and materials.  Today artisans craft bird feeders from copper, hand-thrown pottery, and even stained glass, not mention the old standby-wood.  It is believed that wood bird feeders are unhealthy for wild birds as they are porous and can breed bacteria.  This makes a glass bird feeder an excellent choice that will surely enhance any landscape, and attract wild birds.

    Glass reflects light, so there’s an added aesthetic of natural beauty. Glass feeders come in several styles, including hoppers, tubes and hanging options.  If you’re looking for something unique in the way of feeders, glass is a great choice.

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    Where are All the Other Wild Bird Feeders?

    Wild Bird FeedersDoes anyone still feed the birds?  Many folks must have cut back or quit feeding them all together due to the high cost of birdseed and tight finances.  I’m curious because it seems that every wild bird within a two-mile radius in my backyard!  I am going through many types of bird food at an alarming rate.  My thistle feeder, which holds almost 3 lbs. of nyjer, gets filled about 3 times a week.  A fly-thru platform feeder gets 3 cups of no waste seed per day.  A  7 lb. bag of cardinal mix lasts only about one week.  And I have to feed the bluebirds nesting in an older birdhouse good food like meal worms and bluebird crumbles.   These birds are eating like horses!

    This is getting rather expensive, luckily warmer weather is starting, and maybe I’ll be able to cut back some too.  At least water is cheap, and the birds love it!  Just put up the birdbath heaters from winter, so now it’s time for the bird bath misters and drippers.  I think my feathered friends have it pretty good around here.