thistle feeders seem empty…strange?

August 15, 2011
posted by birdhouse chick @ 9:10 pm

Wave thistle feeders are hand crafted quality feedersWhile the feeders containing finch mix are absolutely mobbed… thistle feeders appear to have no customers these days. Thistle (or nyjer seed) is kept fresh, as these feeders do not sit too long without changing the seed. Goldfinches have one of the latest nesting seasons, and chicks are fed thistle seed almost exclusively – so it seems strange to me that the thistle feeders are just about void of any birds?

There are lots of electric yellow Goldfinches in the yard right now, but they seem to prefer the finch mix, and the birdbaths! While we use a pretty standard thistle feeder, these Wave Thistle Feeders are on the wish list. High quality, hand crafted thistle feeders that are made in the USA. What a groovy design! They’re also made for dispensing black oil sunflower.

Aside from Thistle Feeders, Goldfinches love fresh water

Male Goldfinch drinking at birdbath dripper


Goldfinches will molt soon, as the fall migration gets underway. It happens to be their second molt of the season… one of very few wild birds with two molting processes in the same year. Olive-drab and browns will soon replace the vibrant yellow plumage, but these birds will stick around if habitat is good. So keep thistle feeders fresh and full to provide goldfinches a steady diet, and keep these sweet songbirds in your yard year-round.

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