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what makes a good bird feeder pole?

this bird feeder pole offers great varietyFirst and foremost, any yard accessory should look good and be somewhat pleasing to the eye…. for you and feathered friends alike! Black or hunter green metal is pretty much a standard when it comes to a bird feeder pole as these colors go well in the landscape. Powder coating is a beneficial feature on better poles as they’ll have a longer life.

They say variety is the spice of life, so a bird feeder pole kit like this one could really be where it’s at for birds. Why?  A tray for water, a tray for suet, and three substantial hangers are enough to offer many species a veritable smorgasbord! The suet tray could also accommodate a variety of tasty tidbits, including fruit, shelled peanuts, crumbles, or even a mealworm dish.

With the big fall migration in gear, there’s a good chance you’ll catch some new and interesting migratory viswrap around baffle for a bird feeder poleitors at a bird feeder pole setup like this. Taller poles are easier to spot and help to keep birds safe from ground predators. Should squirrels be a problem, a simple wrap-around pole baffle will put an end to their shenanigans for good.

Set out the red carpet for fall migratory birds by providing a water source and high energy foods like suet, sunflower hearts, peanuts and fruit. The extra energy these calories provide will certainly help migratory birds on their lengthy journey to winter breeding grounds. Place a new bird feeder pole in your landscape and see it come alive with the song and color of wild birds!

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