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    Nyjer Feeders are Busy Now

    Nyjer Feeder with no more vacancies!They’re the last ones of the season to nest and raise their young, they’re also the only ones who molt twice per year. It really puts goldfinches in a class of their own. It’s the busy season for them, feeding the tiny black seed almost exclusively to babies. During the year, spells of non-activity may be common around nyjer feeders… but not now!

    If you offer nyjer or thistle seed year-round, chances are great these birds will stick around. They won’t nest in a birdhouse, but prefer mature trees and shrubs for building their digs. Considered resident birds, in winter you’ll see dull brown-olive plumage, but their sweet song will still grace the garden on the dreariest days. A fresh water source will further entice these friendly fliers.

    A fickle seed nyjer can be, it must be fresh for the birds to partake. Should the seed sit in your feeder too long, it may become moldy or rancid and they won’t touch it. One of the benefits of this long tube feeder is the ability to fill it from both ends. By alternating top and bottom refills, there’s no way for older seed to accumulate at the bottom like most feeders.

    Another popular style is mesh or screen, offering an all-over feeding space as opposed to individual perches. In recycled plastic, some are durable enough to last a lifetime.Nyjer feeder with mesh screen feeding area

    And the last benefit of thistle? It won’t germinate! You’ll never see a nasty weed below these feeders. So fill it up, keep seed fresh, offer a bathing spot and American goldfinches are bound to claim your garden as home sweet home!

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    thistle feeders seem empty…strange?

    Wave thistle feeders are hand crafted quality feedersWhile the feeders containing finch mix are absolutely mobbed… thistle feeders appear to have no customers these days. Thistle (or nyjer seed) is kept fresh, as these feeders do not sit too long without changing the seed. Goldfinches have one of the latest nesting seasons, and chicks are fed thistle seed almost exclusively – so it seems strange to me that the thistle feeders are just about void of any birds?

    There are lots of electric yellow Goldfinches in the yard right now, but they seem to prefer the finch mix, and the birdbaths! While we use a pretty standard thistle feeder, these Wave Thistle Feeders are on the wish list. High quality, hand crafted thistle feeders that are made in the USA. What a groovy design! They’re also made for dispensing black oil sunflower.

    Aside from Thistle Feeders, Goldfinches love fresh water
    Male Goldfinch drinking at birdbath dripper


    Goldfinches will molt soon, as the fall migration gets underway. It happens to be their second molt of the season… one of very few wild birds with two molting processes in the same year. Olive-drab and browns will soon replace the vibrant yellow plumage, but these birds will stick around if habitat is good. So keep thistle feeders fresh and full to provide goldfinches a steady diet, and keep these sweet songbirds in your yard year-round.

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    Really Big nyjer feeder

    Very Large Capacity Nyjer FeederIf wild bird activity in your yard is anything like ours right now, then you likely have tons of Goldfinches. Although they’re not so gold right now with their winter plumage…they’re still out there!

    Filling the nyjer feeder for them every few days can really start to become a chore. Some feeders claim to be large capacity feeders – but really aren’t. This one is definitely a large capacity feeder, holding seven pounds of nyjer seed (more commonly called thistle).

    Now seven pounds may not sound like much when thinking of volume, but thistle is a tiny grain-like seed, and seven pounds in a feeder is a lot.

    Pine Siskins and Red Polls also visit nyjer feeders, and our Goldfinches are even eating suet in this frigid weather.

    Help birds thrive during cold weather by offering a few staples that will serve them well in winter. Thistle, suet and sunflower seed are a few good options.add a heated bird bath at nyjer feeders Water is also extremely important, especially when birds’ usual sources (like shallow ponds) tend to freeze. A heater in your birdbath will also be a welcome sign to entice many feathered friends. Happy Birding!