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    traffic at thistle feeders may seem slow

    Traffic at thistle feeders may seem slow, but finches are still aroundBird traffic in your yard may seem a bit slow right now, but resident songbirds will be back soon… and with a vengeance! Thistle Feeders and other bird feeders should be kept clean and full in anticipation of songbirds’ return. Jays, Chickadees, Woodpeckers, Tufted Titmice, Nuthatches, Warblers and even Bluebirds (in some areas) will over-winter if habitat is suitable. Traffic is slow because food in the wild is plentiful this fall and there’s an abundance of growth in certain parts of the country. Fruit and berry-producing trees and shrubs are filled with treats, and fields are grassy, with seeds, weeds, and coneflowers.

    A welcoming habitat entails rolling out the red carpet for birds! A fresh water source is a must, especially when temps drop below freezing. Adequate roosting places in the form of birdhouses, roosting boxes, and mature trees and shrubs are necessary too. Adding a suet feeder entices many species as it provides the extra calories for energy needed to stay warm through freezing winter weather. Suet is convenient and easy to feed, leaves no waste or ground mess, and it’s enjoyed by many species. If you’ve never fed suet, we strongly advise giving it a try! You’ll find fun suet feeders at The Birdhouse Chick.com …and a free cake or plugs to get started right away!

    Thistle, or nyjer is often referred to as “black gold” because of the cost. This non-germinating seed may be found more economically in bulk quantities at your local feed & seed store. Thistle feeders provide Goldfinches, House and Purple Finches a steady source of food through winter. And although their vibrant yellow plumage turns a drab olive-grey, Goldfinches will stick around for the duration.

    This hand crafted thistle feeder is made in durable cedar and offers ten perching spots for birds to eat in peace. The groovy wave design is appealing to both humans and birds!

    Welcome birds and help them thrive through harsh winters. The sights and sounds will help brighten up the dreariest days!

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    thistle feeders seem empty…strange?

    Wave thistle feeders are hand crafted quality feedersWhile the feeders containing finch mix are absolutely mobbed… thistle feeders appear to have no customers these days. Thistle (or nyjer seed) is kept fresh, as these feeders do not sit too long without changing the seed. Goldfinches have one of the latest nesting seasons, and chicks are fed thistle seed almost exclusively – so it seems strange to me that the thistle feeders are just about void of any birds?

    There are lots of electric yellow Goldfinches in the yard right now, but they seem to prefer the finch mix, and the birdbaths! While we use a pretty standard thistle feeder, these Wave Thistle Feeders are on the wish list. High quality, hand crafted thistle feeders that are made in the USA. What a groovy design! They’re also made for dispensing black oil sunflower.

    Aside from Thistle Feeders, Goldfinches love fresh water
    Male Goldfinch drinking at birdbath dripper


    Goldfinches will molt soon, as the fall migration gets underway. It happens to be their second molt of the season… one of very few wild birds with two molting processes in the same year. Olive-drab and browns will soon replace the vibrant yellow plumage, but these birds will stick around if habitat is good. So keep thistle feeders fresh and full to provide goldfinches a steady diet, and keep these sweet songbirds in your yard year-round.