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you put what in the mealworm feeder?

buying worms in bulk are perfect for a mealworm feederWe feed lots of mealworms for our Bluebirds, and Titmice, and Nuthatches, and Carolina Wrens, even the Cardinals learned to get in on the game. Because we use several mealworm feeder dishes, and only one enclosed bluebird feeder, it’s pretty much a free-for-all. Buying the worms in bulk greatly reduces the cost of feeding so many worms, and I can honestly say they are a favorite of many birds.

It’s so hot and humid, I think my brain may have started to melt today. In the morning, there’s a ritual of starting the day and feeding the pets and the birds. Because fledgelings abound this time of year, we dust the mealworms with calcium carbonate as they are “calcium-depleting” and young birds need strong bones.using a dish type mealworm feeder tends to create a free-for-all for wild birds

Today the calcium carbonate almost went in the coffee, while the creamer was headed for the worms! I don’t think the birds would have appreciated coffee mate, and I know the coffee would have been pretty gross. Luckily I caught myself and thought “what the heck?” All was good with the world, or so I thought.

Later that afternoon I arrived at FedEx to drop off several packages. Only to find the back of the car empty and the boxes still home by the garage door 🙁 Yes, I believe the heat is actually melting my brain, I’m hoping it doesn’t self-combust! Tomorrow, maybe I’ll start the day under one of the leaf misters for some cooling off.


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