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use bird seed trays for clean feeding areas

bird seed trays keep feeding areas cleanNo doubt about it, nasty old seed on the ground can attract some uninvited guests. It’s also an eyesore, as well as a moldy bacteria-breeding ground for wild birds.

Kind of sad when folks give up on feeding beaked buddies because rats have entered the picture. Good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way! Several options provide for cleaner feeding areas, with little to no ground mess at all. It’s healthier for your local birds too.

Start by using a no-waste seed mix, or sunflower hearts. You can bet every morsel will be devoured with no “picking through” and discarding the filler seed – which is usually what ends up on the ground anyway. If your big bag of cheap birdseed was a bargain… think again.

Suet is a fantastic idea for a no-mess food choice… none of this will end up on the ground. You can even make your own with some fairly simple ingredients, and it’s perfect for cool weather and winter feeding because of high protein and fat content. The extra calories help birds stay warm by providing an energy boost!

Adding bird seed trays or seed catchers below your feeders also deters unwanted ground visitors. Adjustable styles like the Seed Hoop fit practically any feeder out there! The large 30-inch diameter model can even be pole mounted, meaning that if your feeder sits on a pole, the seed tray can go right over it to nestle below the feeder. Just cut a slit in the center and slide the tray right over said pole.

One bit of advice for this installation: Add some duct tape around the slit. Over the years that center slit has enlarged itself on our seed tray, simply from removing and replacing it for cleaning. These are an awesome alternative for keeping ground areas below feeders clean. And as added bonus, the large platform may also attract some new feathered friends who’ve never used your feeders before. Try one and see who visits… no need to give up on your birds!

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