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    Yes, They Make Bird Seed Trays for Poles

    Large seed trays create extra feeding space for new visitorsOne of the down-sides of feeding birds (for some folks) is the ground mess with which to contend. There are easy ways to avoid waste pretty much altogether… and fairly easily.

    Whether hanging or pole-mounted, there’s a solution with bird seed trays. This one is adjustable and accommodates almost any style feeder out there! Although the Seed Hoops hang, they’ll slide nicely right over a pole as well. It’s as simple as cutting a small slit in the center of the tray.

    Also in wood and durable recycled plastic, seed trays are available for 4×4 posts too.Durable recycled plastic means these seed trays last a lifetime A tad more sturdy, the poly-lumber (or recycled material) truly does last a lifetime.

    A few other measures to avoid ground mess or at least reduce its presence, is using a no-waste seed. Because there are no fillers, birds are less likely to sort through and pick out the good stuff! Fillers are what ends up on the ground anyway, millet, milo and corn being most common. Sunflower hearts are always a great choice, and you can bet anything that does land on the ground gets scarfed up quickly.

    Suet is another alternative for clean feeding. Many birds will partake and there’s no waste. Thistle’s also a good choice as these seeds will not germinate. You won’t see as many species with thistle alone (mostly finches), but when offered along with suet, there should be a good variety. Chickadees, nuthatches, warblers, woodpeckers, and even bluebirds in winter will go for suet.

    So if the feeding mess has you down, don’t give up the ship yet… try using a bird seed tray and offering cleaner seed. The birds are worth it 🙂



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    Use Bird Seed Trays for Clean Bird Feeding

    bird seed traysAdd them to a post, add them to a bird feeder pole, or hang them… seed trays greatly reduce ground mess and waste. Spilled seed can lead to other problems, like mold which is unhealthy for ground feeding birds, and may attract some unwanted visitors too. Over the years we’ve heard from many folks (especially in the city) who stop feeding birds altogether due to rats… yuck!

    Clean feeding is easy with bird seed trays or seed catchers. Using a no-waste seed mix or sunflower hearts also helps alleviate ground mess. They’re pure with no filers – which is what ends up on the ground anyway. Milo, red millet, cracked corn and oats don’t really serve birds well at all, they’ll toss it right out of the feeder on purpose!

    Newer designs in recycled plastic make it possible to add the generous-size trays to a 4×4 post or standard garden bird seed trayspole. The large area is inviting to some birds who may never have visited the feeder before. Adjustable Seed Hoops fit almost any type feeder out there, and come in 16-and 30-inch diameter. The smaller size is ideal for tube styles, while the large tray is best for hopper bird feeders.

    bird seed trays


    Should you happen to be one of the “I don’t feed birds in summer” folks – just know that backyard feeders are hopping with activity now as most birds have nestlings to feed. The show of migratory birds passing through is colorful and quite dazzling to catch… so don’t give up the ship due to ground mess!
    *Use seed trays to minimize waste
    *Switch to cleaner seed mixes with no fillers
    *Try No-Melt Suet Doughs for warm weather feeding
    *Offer fruit & jelly for migratory birds- it leaves no waste
    *Feed dried mealworms (boil and steep to soften) for a real treat!

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    use bird seed trays for clean feeding areas

    bird seed trays keep feeding areas cleanNo doubt about it, nasty old seed on the ground can attract some uninvited guests. It’s also an eyesore, as well as a moldy bacteria-breeding ground for wild birds.

    Kind of sad when folks give up on feeding beaked buddies because rats have entered the picture. Good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way! Several options provide for cleaner feeding areas, with little to no ground mess at all. It’s healthier for your local birds too.

    Start by using a no-waste seed mix, or sunflower hearts. You can bet every morsel will be devoured with no “picking through” and discarding the filler seed – which is usually what ends up on the ground anyway. If your big bag of cheap birdseed was a bargain… think again.

    Suet is a fantastic idea for a no-mess food choice… none of this will end up on the ground. You can even make your own with some fairly simple ingredients, and it’s perfect for cool weather and winter feeding because of high protein and fat content. The extra calories help birds stay warm by providing an energy boost!

    Adding bird seed trays or seed catchers below your feeders also deters unwanted ground visitors. Adjustable styles like the Seed Hoop fit practically any feeder out there! The large 30-inch diameter model can even be pole mounted, meaning that if your feeder sits on a pole, the seed tray can go right over it to nestle below the feeder. Just cut a slit in the center and slide the tray right over said pole.

    One bit of advice for this installation: Add some duct tape around the slit. Over the years that center slit has enlarged itself on our seed tray, simply from removing and replacing it for cleaning. These are an awesome alternative for keeping ground areas below feeders clean. And as added bonus, the large platform may also attract some new feathered friends who’ve never used your feeders before. Try one and see who visits… no need to give up on your birds!