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speaking of unusual bird baths

unusual teak bird baths may be set on the ground, deck, or raised using a planter or metal baseBold colors in the landscape can be lovely, be it flowers, statuary, or even a vibrant birdbath. But some gardens may better lend themselves to a more natural style, maybe a soothing zen-like appearance. These results are best achieved when using materials found in nature to create the space.

These most unusual teak bird baths fit the bill perfectly when more quiet surroundings are desired. Available in small or large, they may be placed directly on the ground, deck or patio, or raised using a nice planter or iron stand. Birds do tend to bathe more naturally at ground level, but you can bet that fresh water is always welcome at any level.

Teak you say? Yes! It’s one of the most dense and durable woods available. You know that fine teak patio furniture (that costs a fortune) it’s made for outside and to withstand the elements. Made from reclaimed teak, these bird baths are sanded and polished to further protect them over the years. They’re beautiful in the landscape and no two baths are exactly the same. The generous thickness of the bowl and texture offers birds good footing and lots of perching spots too.

Although some of these bird baths are 5 to 7 inches tall, we recommend a water depth of just 2 to 3 inches for bird’s safety… especially this time of year when lots of babies start fledging the nest!

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