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some fun blue bird houses

hand carved artsy blue bird houseWhimsical, yet totally functional, these hand carved wooden blue bird houses provide real nesting and roosting sites for feathered friends. Now mind you, they’re not really bluebird houses that Eastern Bluebirds are likely to use, but just plain fun blue bird houses!

Complete with clean-outs, entrances are proportionally sized for chickahand carved blue jay wooden bird housedees, finches, wrens, nuthatches and other small cavity-dwelling birds. Paints and finishes are non-toxic, and the wood is a fast-growth type, and renewable resource.

Entice wild birds to take up residence in your yard by providing birdhouses for them to raise their young. Clearly, they needn’t be a boring cedar box. Add charm and color to the landscape with fun and functional blue bird houses. As always, a birdbath filled with fresh water will attract more birds than you’ll believe. It’s the single most effective way to entice feathered friends to your place. And for the holidays…fun birdhouses make for an excellent gifhand carved blue bird houset for any birding enthusiast or nature-lover on your list. A gift that actually gets used and enjoyed for many seasons, while providing a valuable resource for Mother Nature’s beaked buddies!

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