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no wood birdhouses for this amazing bird… must see video!

Pretty birds, smart birds, angry birds, bully birds, backyard birds, shorebirds, migratory and resident too… this amazing bird is in its own category! Never will you see one using any kind of wood birdhouses, in fact, in one’s lifetime, this bird will likely never be witnessed, unless you reside in Australia! A little unbelievable at first, well with all the tricks of modern and evolving technology. But the BBC and David Attenborough series on wildlife don’t make up stories or fix film footage.

The second video is the same subject matter, but a little more in-depth. The Lyrebird does car alarms, and chainsaws and loggers :(Definitely worth viewing, the segment was voted Attenborough’s best! Although some of the clip is repeated, it’s worth a watch!

We may be about wood birdhouses, feeders and backyard birds, but discovering birds around world is way cool too.

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