National Cat Appreciation Day? Cat Birdhouses of Course!

Fat Cat Birdhouse

They say it’s National Cat Appreciation Day… so here’s a favorite cat birdhouse! Partial to tuxedos, he’s the most expressive and birds find him a cozy roost during the off-season. There’s tabbies in orange or grey, and a Siamese or two, plus some killer ceramic cat birdhouses which can be fashioned after your own furry friend.ceramic-cat-birdhousee

There’s a lot of bird fanatics out there who’d rather NOT see a day dedicated to felines as the only cat they may find attractive is a dead one 🙁

Yes, it’s one of the oldest arguments out there – but so easy to see both sides of the controversy if you love cats and happen to feed birds… keep your cat inside!

The problem with feral populations is breeding, yet so many (bird fanatics) are opposed to the famous TNR (trap-neuter-return) strategy. They insist it doesn’t work, and the only means viable is removal (even going to extremes such as poisoning). But they’re sadly misinformed! Because simply removing cats from a feral colony creates a vacuum where more magically appear to take their place.

Managed colonies prevent breeding, and cats are for the most part well-kept, with provisions of food and shelter. After all and as always, humans are undoubtedly responsible for the messy situation to begin with. That’s all we’ll say here, and thankfully comments are closed because the heated debate will linger forever with some very nasty remarks from both sides… seen it before!

As for our own guys: Shmitty is 20+ years old and mostly due to being an indoor cat, the girls are 16+, and Fatty, the ex-feral has got be at least 14 years old. They’re basically content (and safe) seeing the great outdoors and especially bird watching via screened porch. Unfortunately the neighbor’s 3 are constantly in our yard 🙁

Oh yeah… those cat birdhouses; what better gift for the crazy cat lady in all of us?

Siamese Cat Birdhouse

Grey Tabby Birdhouse

COrange Tabby Birdhouse

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