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Hopper Bird Feeders Hold More

All Weather Hopper Bird Feeder

If you’re tire tired of filling your bird feeders too often, it might be time to check out some of the new hopper style bird feeders.  Large capacity feeders mean less trips filling and more time to enjoy watching.  The All Weather Feeder above has a six-quart capacity and guarantees to keep out driving rains.  Seed stays dry and fresh always.  The circular perch allows more birds to feed at once, even the more shy cardinals are comfortable on this innovative feeder.

Hopper Bird Feeders are quite versatile as they will accommodate almost any birdseed mixes.  Something that I read recently, and worth taking note is:  “In the winter, people lovingly feed bread to the birds. Unlike, geese and ducks, the birds actually die from this. Their stomachs swell and they cannot digest the bread at this time of the year.”  Best to stick with bird feeders.

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