Solar Fountain Bird Baths

Attract More Songbirds with Bird Baths

Solar Bird BathYou can attract more birds to your yard with the use of bird baths.  Water is like a visual magnet to birds…they love it, to play, to bathe, to preen and to drink.  Available in a myriad of styles and colors, the options are almost endless.  Pedestal birdbaths are always a good choice, and tend to act as a focal point in a garden.  Hanging bird baths add a warm touch to almost any space.

Keep in mind that you will need to clean this bird bath often, so choose one that is easy to clean.  Also, birds prefer shallow pools, so a bath that is too deep will need a large rock, or something for birds to “walk in” or perch on.  Another thing to consider is year-round use.  If you live in areas with harsh winter temperatures, it’s probably best to choose a bird bath that will accommodate a heater in winter.  Water is so critical to birds when temperatures drop below freezing–so if you’re considering a birdbath, why not get one that allows for year-round enjoyment?  For you and the birds!

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