Happy Valentine’s Day… and Thoughts of Spring!

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day

Here’s to thoughts of spring and hungry migrating sprites heading north~

Have your hummingbird feeders ready and filled before they get to your location!  We know, with ice storms and and snow everywhere, this seems ridiculous… but it won’t be long before the tiny sprites start their long and exhausting journey!

Staked Mini-Blossoms by Parasol are a fun way to feed and watch these amazing birds. Place them alone or in pairs, in flower pots or right in the ground to catch some antics from a different vantage. Hand blown recycled glass, these feeders last – and hummingbirds love them! Cadmium and lead-free, they’re good for the birds 🙂

Now come on spring!

Mini-Blossom Staked Hummingbird feeders

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