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Foiled by the Squirrel Baffle

disguised squirrelHe’s arch enemy number one to most backyard birders! Raiding bird feeders relentlessly until empty, they continue even to destroy the feeder itself. Squirrels can be an impossible pain in the keester, no matter how you try to solve the problem.

To the rescue…a quality squirrel baffle placed in the correct position. When installed properly, squirrel baffles make it impossible for these furry critters to get suet feeder protected by squirrel baffleat feeders. Because of their amazing acrobatics, you must always remember it’s not just the height from the ground, but the horizontal distance from any jumping spot. They can leap tall buildings at a single bound, so feeders must be at least eight feet away from where squirrels can get a foot hold and jump across.

With the investment of a squirrel baffle (and they really aren’t even that expensive) you’ll save money by saving birdseed. You’ll also allow your feathered friends to dine in peace, thus seeing more of the activity you were hoping for.

If the squirrel baffle is a pole mounted one, be sure the bottom of the baffle is at least five feet from the ground. Squirrels will shimmy on up the pole, but will be foiled every time by the baffle. Knowing that you’ve finally won the battle, it’s a pretty entertaining site too!

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