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Ducks and Meal Worms?

While walking the dog at a local park last week I decided to feed the ducks as the weather was blustery cold. I know they’re sick of bread because that’s what everyone feeds them. Some cracked corn borrowed from the squirrels would work, but it seemed they need a little something with more substance. Suet? nah…might not be so good for them. I decided to borrow from the bluebird stash and grabbed some meal worms. The ducks loved them! It might be their favorite as I don’t believe any other duck feeder uses them at this park.

Meal worms were the trick that got bluebirds nesting in my yard last spring. With two successful broods I realized I was going to be buying worms as a staple now. The heated baths is what keeps them during freezing winter temperatures.

Easy to keep – the meal worms live in a container in the fridge with some wheat bran for bedding. What I failed to realize is your supposed to feed the worms too! With a horse, a dog, and five cats I’m thinking: feed the meal worms??????

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