Creative Events Worldwide Raise Respect for Animals

On October 2nd and continuing throughout the month, people in hundreds of communities in all 50 U.S. states and more than a dozen other countries will host a wide range of creative events in honor of the 28th annual observance of World Farm Animals Day (www.WFAD.org).

From a somber candlelight vigil at a Petaluma (CA) slaughterhouse to a hopeful celebration of peace for ALL beings at a Hawaiian peace center, people around the world are remembering the animals.  While many participate in scores of public marches, dramatic demonstrations, thoughtful classroom discussions, leafleting, and video screenings, others are raising awareness during personal events such as weddings and family gatherings.

The World Farm Animals Day campaign is dedicated to exposing, memorializing, and mitigating the daily terror inflicted on more than 58 billion cows, pigs, chickens, and other sentient land animals in the world’s animal farms and slaughterhouses. The date celebrates Gandhi’s birthday.  This year’s theme, “Holding Animal Agribusiness Accountable,” focuses attention on the meat and dairy industries’ “dirty secrets” – violations of human and animal rights, worker and consumer safety standards, and environmental protection laws, as well as the manipulation of government, public interest institutions, and everyday consumers (www.AnimalAgribusiness.com).

In Washington (DC), campaign events started early with a dramatic banner display during a recent Congressional hearing on the massive egg recall. On October 2nd, activists in DC are distributing vegan food and information to thousands of people attending the One Nation Working Together peace rally.  Next week, DC activists are picketing the National Chicken Council’s annual conference.

Thousands of visitors are expected at vegetarian festivals in San Francisco, Orlando, Tampa Bay, and several Ontario locations. Attractions include live music, delicious vegan food, speakers, and special activities for kids.  More than seventy-five communities are hosting walks for animals. Thirty universities are having educational events ranging from video screenings to street theater. A number of health food stores, yoga studios, animal sanctuaries, libraries, and artists are distributing free vegan information.

The observations take place internationally. Among the London events are the first National March for Farmed Animals and an artist’s photography exhibit of intimate portraits of farmed animals.  The Czech Republic is hosting a march and funeral ceremony, complete with a coffin and displays of factory farms. Two dozen events are planned in Canada, including marches, video screenings, and street theater.

Other participating countries include Australia, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Greece, India, Israel, Nigeria, Taiwan, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Hundreds of bus display cards exposing the “dirty secrets” of animal agribusiness are going up in six major U.S. cities. Compelling television ads with a similar theme are airing through DISH Network and letters carrying the message of compassion have been sent to more than 600 newspaper editors.

The World Farm Animals Day campaign has been coordinated since 1983 by Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) (www.farmusa.org), a nonprofit public interest organization working to end the use of animals for food. Local animal and consumer protection activists arrange events in their communities.

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