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Copper Roof Bluebird Houses-Guaranteed to Last!

Weathered wood is always lovely, until it starts to disintegrate. This happens to many a birdhouse and feeder over time. But these new vinyl bluebird houses are better than wood, and guaranteed to last a lifetime with little to no maintenance.

In classic, architectural styles, they offer your choice of patina or bright copper roof. The vinyl is PVC, just like the siding on people’s homes, and each piece is made to order. They’re complete with a vinyl sleeve post that has attached decorative brackets and fits on a standard 4×4 post.

These great bluebird houses range from a six-inch diameter, up to a ten-inch model. Larger sizes with multiple compartments are available, but not geared towards bluebirds.

Eastern Bluebird at the mealworm dishThe secret to attracting bluebirds? Open space away from trees, and the coveted live mealworms. Entice most any wild bird with fresh water in a birdbath, it’s the single most effective way to get birds coming to your yard. Our bluebirds even stay through severe winters as their bath water is always heated, and the meal worms make for good pickings!

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