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Bulk Ingredients for Squirrel Feeders’ Super Treat

peanuts and peanut butter for squirrel feedersBelieve it or not, feeding squirrels is a fun and entertaining past-time for many who enjoy natures’ critters and backyard birding.  As long as bird feeders are equipped with proper squirrel deterrents, everything’s usually good!

Fun squirrel feeders range from munch box type, where the little guys must open the lid for the prize, to the big, glass jars they enter, and the kind made for corn cobs and squirrel logs – which are long-lasting compressed corn.

The Squngee Feeder is a hysterical bungee cord squirrel feeder made for using corn cobs or the logs. In frigid weather with snow and wind, we’ll smear gobs of peanut butter right on the cobs. Yes, peanut butter is a special and yummy treat for the furry critters. It provides extra energy to help them stay warm through its high fat and protein content. Any squirrel feeder accommodating corn cobs may be adapted this way. The giant tubs of peanut better are found at warehouse-type retailers like Sams or Costco and are relatively inexpensive when purchascombo munch box and corn cob squirrel feedered in the industrial size. It can even be applied directly to tree bark, offering feathered friends a nutritious treat as well.

Peanuts are also an excellent choice which may be purchased in bulk at most “feed & seed” stores. Squirrels love them, and again, they offer an excellent source of energy to help furry friends stay warm. If you know what and where to get bulk ingredients like these for your squirrel feeders, you’ll have fat and happy squirrels all winter long without breaking the bank!

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