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Bird Cams: Outside Entertainment In!

bird camsSeeing wildlife as never before, nature cameras allow us to view the very private world of nature’s little miracles!

Although bird cams have been around for a while, it is fairly recently that folks who have them are able to share their great moments with the rest of the world via the internet.  With faster connections and better technology, anyone can witness real-time color video of great natural moments.

These are miniature cameras which bring the great outdoors into your living room.  The options are endless: hummingbirds sipping nectar, squirrels raiding the feeder, or wrens raising their young, bird cams are not just limited to wild birds.  With attached weather shields, you can place a bird cam anywhere in the yard, to view deer, a duck pond, pets, horses and livestock, or anything you’d like to view in the comfort of your home!  Infrared night vision lets you watch in total darkness, and a built-in microphone lets you hear amazing bird songs, calls, and other wildlife chatter.

Taking only minutes to install, bird cams provide years of enjoyment for young and old alike. Be it in bright sunlight or total darkness, the imagery and education are priceless.

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