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    a great explanation on bird cams and expanding viewing capabilities

    Hawk Eye Nature Camera is one of the more popular bird cams on the market today.In the “Bluebird Monitor’s Forum, there recently appeared an interesting post about bird cam installation and viewing capabilities/preferences. The “away-signature” cracked me up.. because I can so relate, and likely many other folks out there in cyber-world. It said “Using yesterday’s software to create tomorrow’s problems today!” Hah… isn’t it the truth with the ever-changing technology?

    Instead of interpreting, and providing a narrative, for optimum clarity I’ll just re-post what this person’s experience and solution was:

    “I acted upon the recommendation of the Hawk Eye Night Owl Bird Cam and installed one in a new and taller chickadee box which hangs in our front yard. A Black Capped Chickadee scolds me every time I get near the box.

    The bird cams 100′ long cable was then strung into the garage, where I asked myself what next? The camera’s composite video could be plugged directly into a number different devices permitting viewing/recording, but this is the age of the internet–I wanted to view/record the video from my computer.

    Since I already had a Ethernet hub in my garage which is connected to my LAN, I wanted a use an affordable video server plugged into this hub. The answer was solved by purchasing an IP Video 9100A Plus Network Video Server.


    Basically the camera’s video and sound plug into the 9100A, and it plugs into the Ethernet hub. Once all is connected and setup, the camera’s video can be viewed/recorded from your web browser (preferably Internet Explorer). The sever can be setup to detect motion, and when motion is detected, send an e-mail, and/or FTP images to a server. The server could actually be set up to permit viewing anywhere in the world. The 9100A actually has 4 video inputs, but only 1 sound input (hmmmm?).

    I’ll not go into further detail unless asked, but I would advise anyone purchasing the device to be skeptical of the quick setup instructions that come with the device. The installation manual was not written/edited by someone whose primary language is English. Knowledge of IP devices helps.

    But it does work!”

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    Bird Cams Included with Some Houses

    bird camsSome birdhouses reserve the name of “ultimate” because of the great features offered. This bluebird house is dubbed the Ultimate Bluebird House with Camera. It’s made from recycled plastic  (poly-lumber) that’s guaranteed to never crack, split or fade. The interior bird camera is included with 100 feet of cord that attaches to your computer or television. Complete instructions, stainless steel hardware and mounting screws, with a raised screen floor to reduce blowfly infestation. Watch the nest daily and experience nature’s wonder of hatchlings growing and fledging their nest.

    Bird Cams have come a long way in that they are now available at very affordable prices, and easy to install. Some of variations on these cameras include the Timelapse Plant Cam, and a new Camera with flash. A mounting arm for attaching the camera to a feeder pole is also widely used among birders to capture some great activity. Bird Cams make for wonderful and lasting gifts for any backyard enthusiast too.bird cams

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    The Ultimate in a Recycled Birdhouse Cam

    Birdhouse CamThis Bluebird House by BirdsChoice, is touted as the “Ultimate Recycled Bluebird House with Bird Cam”  Its many great features promise a better chance of a strong, and successful brood.

    It is constructed of poly-lumber which comes from recycled plastic and milk jugs, and has a lifetime guarantee to never crack, split or fade.  Some great features of this bluebird house include a raised screen floor to reduce blowfly infestations, and front wall screen to help chicks climbing to the entrance hole. A predator-resistant entrance and overhang roof help keep chicks safe and dry.  Proper vents and drainage holes keep nest dry and cool. Complete with birdhouse cam, all instructions, and 100’ of cord that connects to your television to watch the nest and babies!

    Birdhouse Cam