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Big Seed Ornaments and the Edible Birdhouse are Back!

big owl seed ornament and the edible birdhouse are back for cool weather!With cooler weather heading our way, the natural foods birds forage for will become more scarce. Insect populations are dying off, and the once vivid flowers seed heads’ of late summer and fall have pretty much been picked over. Now’s the time when birds (and squirrels) are caching food in tree cavities and crevices for winter feeding. Woodpeckers, chickadees and titmice are famous for this behavior. Some birds will even steal others caches!

It’s definitely the time to gear up in the bird feeding department if you happen to partake. Suet always offers a calorie-packed meal for most backyard birds. But in the fun department, big seed ornaments and the wren casita edible birdhouse are back!Encourage nesting in your edible birdhouse once the seed's consumed

Coated with premium seed, nuts and fruit, these big ornaments are an excellent food source for birds and some even make real houses for nesting and roosting once the seed’s been consumed.

Birdie Cottages are other edible houses that offer a cozy roost for smaller songbirds. In a set of two cottages, there’s one to keep and one to give!

These decorative feeders make for awesome gifts for any nature lover on your list… and the birds will love them too!Birdie Cottages are an edible birdhouse set providing good food, fun and shelter for birds

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