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A Space Ship to Attract Song Birds?


With a funky space ship-like design, this little wild bird accessory will definitely attract more songbirds to your yard.  It is called a water wiggler, and it does just what it’s name says!  Moving water is a visual magnet for birds, attract more songbirds and keep them around.  You can create moving water simply, without power cords, or faucet hook-ups.  With 2 batteries, the water wiggler utilizes an agitator to create constant ripples in a bird bath.

Another excellent benefit of these little gadgets, is that mosquitos can not lay eggs in moving water.  This helps prevent the spread of the west nile virus.  So, if stagnant water is a concern, it need not be anymore.  Inexpensive and user-friendly, the water wiggler is a wonderful addition to any bird bath.

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