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    From heated bird baths to moving water in a snap!

    Portable heaters makes heated bird baths for winter, allowing more sesonal options It really doesn’t take a bird bath to make a bird bath! Does that make sense? Years ago, this cool rock-like, poly-resin planter caught my eye. Because of the shallow depth, the perfect birdbath set on a tree stump came to mind.

    During winter months, this portable bath heater is added quickly and easily, creating one of several heated bird baths in the yard, and the birds use them all!

    Today, with the warm sunny weather, and extended forecast for warmer than average temps, the heaters were removed (just as easily) cleaned up, and put in storage for next winter. Out came the water wigglers and bath drippers, which will be in constant use for about, oh, the next eight months or so. Yeah!! Go from heated bird baths to moving water in a snap!

    If the birds liked the heated bird baths… they go absolutely bonkers for these fab bird bath accessories! Because moving water is where it’s at as far as birds are concerned. Both resident and migratory birds are attracted to moving water. I like it because bird baths stay cleaner longer, and knowing that mosquitoes can not lay their eggs in my baths is a good thing. Due of the mild winter, it’s going to be a buggy-enough season as it is, and having birds (and bats) around will greatly reduce insect populations the natural way.

    Add drippers to heated bird baths for spring and summer use.If you’re hesitant about having a bird bath with standing water in your yard, you can easily remedy the situation by adding water wigglers, bath drippers or misters to keep water moving and fresher. And, it doesn’t even take a traditional type birdbath, as a deep plant saucer, or shallow dish makes the perfect bath! Two to three inches is the optimal depth. Anything deeper, should have a large rock in the center to serve as a landing spot or perch. With fresh water in the yard (especially moving water), you’ll entice more species of birds, even those who may not visit your feeders.

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    Add Moving Water to Your Birdbath and Watch the Show!

    A dripper in our birdbath at homeFresh water in a birdbath is by far one of the best ways to entice song birds to your yard. Even those who may not use birdhouses or feeders will usually stop by for a sip or dip! You can count on this, be it extreme summer heat…or frigid winter months, a birdbath is a necessity if you’re trying to attract wild birds to your yard.

    Adding accessories like birdbath drippers, water wigglers or misters works like a visual magnet to birds, the difference is amazing. Moving water attracts birds like you wouldn’t believe! The added benefits are no stagnant water and the water stays cleaner longer. Also, nasty mosquitoes can not lay eggs in moving water.

    In our birdbaths at home, you’ll find two water wigglers and two drippers…our birds love them and we’d never go back to standing water.A water wiggler sits in a planter turned birdbath

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    Why Add Moving Water to Your Birdbath?

    A sure way to attract birds is with water, and an even better way is with moving water! The sound of a “drip-drip” or the sight of ripples across a birdbath is an absolute visual magnet to many species of songbirds. Even those who may not frequent your feeders, or use birdhouses, will visit a birdbath that offers fresh water.

    Birdbath accessories like water wigglers and drippers are a great way to create moving water in your existing birdbath. The birds love them! Another great benefit is that mosquitoes can not lay eggs in moving water, so there’s no worry of them breeding or eggs in stagnant water.

    If you’ve never tried a wiggler, dripper, or some type of fountain in your bath, see for yourself. Do it this summer and you’ll be amazed at all the action around your birdbath!

    If you’re new to backyard birding, and wondering what kind of bath is best? Hands down…it’s the one you will maintain. Keeping water fresh is the key element to attracting and keeping birds around. During hot summer months, baths should be cleaned every few days.