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A Good Wood Birdhouse Destroyed By Squirrels

wood birdhouseI’ve been on a rant about the squirrels in our yard lately…and here is just another statistic!  At one time this was a really nice wood birdhouse, but it’s now become a squirrel box.  And that is ok, because squirrels need a place to roost on cold winter nights too , but I was pretty sure they nested in trees.  Now I do recall seeing Squirrel houses, so I wonder how many broods may have been born and raised in this multi-compartment house?

Now that there are some 25 to 40 squirrels invading the yard, and it’s getting totally out of control…we’re not so sure about the cute little bushy-tailed critters.  We have lots of bird feeders, but we have even more squirrel baffles!

Oh yes, and the chicken wire adorning the 5-inch hole in the screen porch looks just lovely too…Thanks a lot Mr. Squirrel!wood birdhouse

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