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    Time to Dig Out that Window Hummingbird Feeder

    Make it a window hummingbird feeder using the sturdy hang-up bracketIt was actually snowing today, after 3 days of spring-like 70 degree temperatures, on March 25 there were flurries in Atlanta! Will winter ever end? Migratory birds are already arriving, making their way northward from the gulf. It’s got to be a trying journey as the landscape lacks their usual finds. They’re already hungry, tired and now… there’s no food!

    Feeders help them on their way; seed feeders, suet feeders, fruit feeders, even your window hummingbird feeder. The same tiny sprites are likely to return to your yard if it offered good digs last season. It’s called site fidelity and hummingbirds practice this ritual.

    The map over at hummingbirds.net  shows daily sightings and locations for Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds. They’re penetrating the southeast and moving into Kentucky now. Just because it’s still cold outside it doesn’t prevent Mother Nature’s instincts from kicking into full swing! Longer daylight hours are pushing birds north to spring breeding grounds.ruby-throat-migration map shows daily movement, time to put up your window hummingbird feeder!.. despite cold weather.

    Although it may not seem like hummingbird season is here – it is! Definitely time to dig out those feeders for a good cleaning and get them filled.  Nectar can even be mixed a bit stronger than usual during migrations.

    Your hummingbird feeder will prove to be a most welcome sight for the hungry and tired little birds. And hey, if you’re lucky enough they may even just stick around your place for the breeding season!


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    ants in the window hummingbird feeder

    Jewel Box window hummingbird feederLast season a customer purchased this window hummingbird feeder in hopes of not only attracting the tiny jewels, but bringing them closer to home for better viewing. She seemed happy with her purchase, until I received a note saying there were ants swimming in the nectar!

    Now this is perfectly understandable, ants being a constant battle with nectar feeders, but…. this window hummingbird feeder has a built-in ant moat.

    So I proceeded to ask: “Is the moat filled with water” and she said “yes”. “Has the moat always been filled with water?” I asked, rather puzzled. After explaining that ants can’t swim, if the moat were consistently filled with water, this would be impossible. Ants just can not cross a body of water. So, my belief is that the water must have evaporated from the moat – it’s really the only logical explanation.

    By the way, this is a great little window hummingbird feeder because it allows for full view of birds. It can also be used as a seed feeder during colder months, attracting more feathered friends for close-up viewing!

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    Add More to Your Window Hummingbird Feeder

    It’s a known fact that hummingbirds practice site fidelity – if they find great accommodations, there’s a very good chance they’ll return the following season. If you love watching the tiny sprites and have  window hummingbird feeders or hanging ones, there’s a couple more things you can offer to accommodate more hummingbirds, and keep them coming back.

    They love water, and if it’s moving water – even better! Birdbath accessories like fountains and drippers act like a magnet for hummingbirds. I think the leaf misters might just be their favorite. The way they dance, back and forth to play and bathe in the fine mist is mesmerizing. I could sit and observe for hours if there were time. We have two misters, one is upright, staked in the ground, wrapped around a simple green plant stake with a twistie to hold the nozzle in place. The other is up higher, and more horizontal, off the front porch railing, attached to a metal bracket. They really love these things!

    Another wonderful accessory (actually endorsed by The Hummingbird Society) is Hummer Helper Nesting Material. It’s a kit with a hanging, red flat basket, and nest material. Goldfinches use this material as well to build their nests. The good thing with the kit is that refills are also sold separately. Our kit saw a lot of activity last season, but I never could figure out where the nests were?

    Try it and see for yourself!